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Section A

  11. M: I just wonder why Janet never becomes an actress in the advertisement. You know, a lot of famous actresses do that for more fame and fortune. She should at least give it a try. W: I think she has her own ideas and can resist the temptation. Q: What does the woman say about Janet?
B) 解析: C 属于原词 famous 和 idea 干扰, 甚至用与原词 fortune(此处指 A、 D “财富” )毫不相干的 fortunate “幸运的”来进行语音干扰。

  12. W: Look what a mess you’ve made! I’ve told you several times, but you just turn a deaf ear to me. Can you listen to my words for once? M: Shut up! You’re driving me mad with your constant complaining Q: What does the woman complain about the man?
C) 解析:女士说“你对我说的话总是充耳不闻”,言外之意即抱怨男士不把自己的话当一回事儿。转折之 后的说话内容必有弦外之音。

  13. M: How are you doing with your plan? W: No one knows how to do the work correctly, so we have to learn how to do it by a process of trial and error. But I think things are getting better and better. Q: What do we learn from the conversation about the woman?
D) 解析:抓听到关键短语 trial and error“通过反复试验(寻找做好的方法)”,就可以选出正确答案。A、 C 均为提及;女士说“没有人知道如何正确地做(这件事情)”,所以 B 项错误。

  14. W: Oh, dear! I’m about to run out of money. How am I supposed to get through the next two weeks of this month? If only I had a millionaire husband!
M: Don’t worry. Here is a “Help wanted” ad. You will prove to be the right person for them. Q: What does the man imply?
A) 解析: 预读选项可知, 本题的话题很可能是谈论女士的工作问题。 其实, 即使没有听到 “Help wanted” ad, 也可以从后面一句推测出正确答案。The right person for… 意为“做…事情的合适人选”。

  15. M: I’ve told Susie it won’t work, but she takes her own way. W: Leave her alone. She’s always refused to give up until all hope is gone. I think she just enjoys the procedure of solving sough problems. Q: What do the speakers think of Susie?
A) 解析:预读选项可知,本题是对某人的评价,所以要注意评论性信息。答案是对原文的语义概括;B 是 对 leave… alone 的曲解;C 是 “all hope is gone”的误听。

  16. M: The seminar scheduled for today has been canceled. I’ve been waiting for a whole week. And I declined two appointments for that. W: That’s too bad. But at least the one for next week is still on. I am also counting the days. Q: What can be inferred from the conversation?
B) 解析: 男士的 waiting for a whole week 和女士的 also counting the days 说明他们都对研讨会感兴趣, 故选 B)。预读选项可知,本题的主题是 seminar。解题的关键在于抓住主题名词和 but 后面的信息。A、 C、D 都是利用原文中的 too bad, on 及 next week 制造的干扰项。C 中的 different topic 在对话中根本 就没有出现过。 男士说今天的研讨会取消了, 女士说 “太糟糕了, 不过好在下星期的还会如期举行” , 说明 D 错。

  17. M: Do you really have to go down to the river to wash your clothes? W: Yes, but all this considered, life in the country is still a lot less complicated than life in the city. Some may feel it is too boring to live in the country, but I just enjoy it.
Q: How does the woman think about life in the country?
C) 解析:关键是听懂女士话中的比较结构 a lot less complicated than life in the city“乡村的生活比城市生活 哟啊简单得多”,正确选项 C)simple 正是对 less complicated 的同义替换。预读选项可知,问题是 判断 It 怎么样。需要抓听能表明其特征的关键信息词。But 后是关键所在,往往就在这里出题。

  18. M: I’d like to send this package by express service. W: Sure. That will cost $
  2.75 for the postage and an extra $
  1.15 for the rapid service. Q: How much will it cost the man to send the package?
D) 解析:话题是 send this package. 女士说邮费
  2.75 美元,快寄服务费
  1.15 美元,所以共计
  3.9 美元,答 案选 D)。数字题最常见的是时间与价格的运算。解题原则:速记数字、听清问题、简单运算。听 录音的同时在相应选项旁做记号,以便听到问题后做简单运算。注意:不要轻易选择对话中直接给 出的数字。
Conversation One W: I was [19] working on a paper about the differences between women and men. I have been thinking about it all these days, but no satisfactory results come out. M: Ah, you may not realize you’re working on a complicated philosophical issue. W: I know exactly that men and women are different. They sometimes don’t understand each other at all. M: I agree. Men and women are interested in different topics when they are talking. Last weekend, John and I went to a ball game. When we’re at the game, we talked about the players and what’s going on in the game and nothing else. I think women wouldn’t do that.
W: You bet! Yesterday, a friend and I sat at a cafe and talked about nothing, and everything! Um… about my sister’s new baby… and about when she could go back to work… and you know, who should take care of the baby… things like that. M: When a woman talks with a man, [20] she’ll often feel as though he wasn’t really listening or that he wasn’t really having a conversation, right? W: Yeah, that sounds very familiar to me. M: And I think a man doesn’t understand what the woman really wants from him. W: I guess he probably wonders “what’s her point?”, “where’s this conversation going?” M: To speak from experience, for a man, taking is generally more straightforward-it’s about giving and getting facts. Men generally don’t base their friendships on taking, but on doing-getting together with buddies, playing sports or hanging out. W: Well, for me, [21] a best friend is someone I can be close with and talk to. I can talk with her in detail about everyday events in our lives. We share feelings and secrets. This offers a chance to better understand our world and ourselves.
  19. What is the woman doing recently?
C) 解析:选项形式均为 doing,可以预测问题是某人在做什么,女士开头就说明了自己在写一篇关于男女 差异的文章,故 C 正确。

  20. How does a woman probably feel in a conversation with a man?
B) 解析:选项均为表达情绪、感受的形容词,话题又是男女之间的比较,故应注意描述各自感受的细节, B 是对原文的否定词的体现。对应的原文是虚拟语气加反问,常常是考点。

  21. According to the woman, what role does talking play in women’s friendship?
A) 解析:选项为名词短语,中心词是 tool, way 等,说明是问某事的作用。女士的最后一轮话说明了 talking 的作用,答案为 A。B 和 C 选项是“交谈”的具体内容,所以不选。
Conversation Two W: Roger, any problems in your Korean study? M: [22] The biggest problem with me is the Korean vocabulary. It really makes me frustrated. [22] The pronunciation and usage put into great confusion as I keep forgetting them. W: I guess first of all, you can narrow down the vocabulary sphere. I mean, try to learn “core” vocabulary, the words with high frequencies of occurrence. M: That sounds quite reasonable. Do you think I can find in bookstores a book or dictionary where such kinds of words are listed? W: Yes, definitely. Another thing, the first several occurrences of strange words are very important. Words are remembered best if they are learnt quickly with a few presentations. You may not have much trouble in remembering swear words. May you? M: No. [24] They’re very impressive and quite memorable. I don’t even need to practice them. W: That’s it! For other words that don’t have such a strong effect, you have to make yourself highly attentive and sensitive. If not, later practice and repetition don’t seem to work so well. M: I see. W: [25] The last thing I’ll say is that if you want to remember something for periods longer than a year or two, you need to space the presentations over quite long intervals of days, say 30 days. A more frequent interval doesn’t promise you longer remembrance. M: Really? [23] I have thought every word should be practiced as often as possible within a short time span.
W: No. [23] How the word is practiced is much more important than how often it is practiced. M: You really do me a great favor, Teresa.
  22. What is the man’s biggest problem?
B) 解析:观察选项可知是男士的问题或困难,对话开头女士就问了男士在韩语学习中有没有问题,自然应 该注意听他的回答。B 是对男士回答的概括。开头出现的形容词最高级(biggest)为考点。

  23. What is the cause of the man’s problem?
D) 解析:女士说“练习的方法比练习的次数更重要”,故选 D。女士得知男士的问题后就给他提出一些建 议,都是方法性的,另外,将近结尾处男士用的 I have thought… 表明他的原本想法是不对的,因此是 方法问题。

  24. Why needn’t the man practice swear words?
A) 解析:选项为某种词汇的特色,因此听到特殊词汇,要注意对其进行的具体描述,文中提到 swear words 时用了 impressive 一词,故 A 正确。

  25. What is an advisable way of longer remembrance of vocabulary?
B) 解析:选项以动词原形开头,一般是建议或打算,女士最后一条建议中的高频核心词是 interval,故 B 正确。
Section B
Passage One
Recently, a professor of philosophy in the United States has written a book called Money and the Meaning of Life. He has discovered that how we deal with money in our day-to-day life has more meaning than we usually think. One of the exercises he asked his students to do is to keep a record of every penny they spend for a week. [26] From the way they spend their money, they often see what they really value in life.
He says our relation with others often becomes clearly defined when money enters the picture. You might have wonderful friendship with somebody and you think that you are very good friends. [27] But you will know him only when you ask him to lend you some money. If he does, it brings something to the relationship that seems stronger than ever before. Or it can suddenly weaken the relationship if he doesn’t. This person may say that he has a certain feeling, but if it is not carried out in the money world, there is something less real about it. People just have an idea of making more and more money, but what is it for? How much do I need for any given purposes in my life? In his book, the professor uncovered an important need in modern society: to bring back the idea that [28] money is an instrument rather than the end. Money plays an important role in the material world, but expecting money to give happiness may be missing the meaning of life.
  26. What has the professor discovered in his book Money and the Meaning of Life?
B) 解析:细节题。短文中提到,他(教授)发现……通过他们花钱的方式,他们常常可以看到自己在生活 中真正重视什么,由此推断 B 为正确答案。

  27. What’s the suggested purpose of borrowing money from your friends?
A) 解析:推断题。原文提到,你也许认为你和某人拥有美妙的友谊,或者你认为你们是好朋友。其实只有 当你向他借钱时你才会真正地了解他。故可推断,此处提到的向朋友借钱的目的是为了测试友谊,故 A 为正确答案。

  28. What is the professor’s attitude towards money in his book?
B) 解析: 细节题。 短文结尾处提到, 在他的书里, 教授发现了一个对现代社会很重要的需求: 重新拾起 “钱 是手段而不是目的”的理念。由此推断 B 为正确答案。rather than 意为“而不是”。
Passage Two
The number of speakers of English in Shakespeare’s time is estimated to have been about five million. Today it is estimated that some 300 million people speak it as a native language, mainly in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the standard varieties of English found in these areas, there are a great many regional and social varieties of the language as well as various levels of usage that are employed both in its spoken and written forms. In fact, [30] it is impossible to estimate the number of people in the world who have acquired an adequate working knowledge of English in addition to their own language. The purpose for English learning and the situations in which such learning takes place are so varied that it is difficult to explain and still more difficult to judge what forms an adequate working knowledge for each situation. The main reason fro the widespread demand for English is its present importance as a world language. Besides serving the indefinite needs of its native speakers, English is a language in which some of important works in science, technology and other fields are being produced, and not always by native speakers. It is widely used for such purposes as airposes as



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