网络有害 It is reported that teenagers in an increasing number spent a large percentage of their free time surfing the internet and playing the computer games, which they regard as cool and fashionable. However, I hold the view that this will do great harm to them. To begin with, the Internet is great cost of teenagers’ valuable time. If they used the time wasted on the Internet on their study, they would become more knowledgeable. What’s more, so much do some teenagers love playing computer games that they even think about the games in class, which will surely influence their studies. Last but not the least, not only will the surfing and playing do harm to their physical health, but also they will be bad for teenagers’ mental health. As mentioned above, spending too much time on the Internet is harmful to teenagers. Therefore, teenagers are expected to stay away from the Internet and make a full use their time and energy on study. 张东是我最好的朋友。他是上学期来我们班的,他是个男孩。我们两个人都 擅长英语,因此我们经常在课余时间用英语聊天。放学后,我们经常在操场上踢 足球。他跑得特别快,我追不上他。他是个优秀的学生,他不但各科功课好而且 很友善、谦虚。他喜欢流行音乐,也喜欢古典音乐。 他家有三口人,他是独生子。父亲是个医生,母亲是个京剧演员。尽管张东 家境比较富裕,但是他的穿着却十分朴素。他有一个梦想,就是将来当个 律师。 这就是我的朋友,一个聪明、友好的男孩。老师和同学们都喜欢他。 My best friend, Zhangdong, who came to our class last semester, is my best friend. Both of us are good at English, therefore, we chat in English quite often in our spare time. And, after class, we always play football on the playground too. So fast does he run that I can’t catch up with him. He is an excellent student, who can get high grades in all the subjects. Besides, he is rather friendly and modest. Not only does he like pop music, but also he is fond of classical music. Zhangdong is the only child in a family of three, in which the father is a doctor and the mother is a Peking Opera actress. Rich as his family is, Zhangdong always
wares simple clothes. And he has a dream to become a lawyer in the future. This is my friend, a smart and friendly boy, who is loved by all of our teachers and classmates. 写作的整体要求和高分技巧 一. 作文整体要求: 完全完成了试题规定的任务。 覆盖了所有内容要点; 应用了较多的语法结构和词汇; 语法结构或词汇方面有些许错误但为尽力使用较复杂结构或较高级词汇所 致;具备较强的语言运用能力; 有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 题目:假设你是李华,你的英国笔友 Bob 将于九月到你所在城市的建新华文 学校学中文,来信请你在学校附近为他找一套住房。请根据图画提供的信息,写 信介绍住房的情况,并告知住房面积为 25 平方米,月租 500 元。 例
  1(本文属于第五档次,可得 28-30 分): Dear Bob, It was great to hear from you and I am very glad you will be coming here to study Chinese. I have done some research for you and found a nice apartment, which is only one bus stop away from your school. It is not that big, only 25 square meters, but I think it is fine for your needs. It consists of a small bathroom, a kitchen and bedroom. The rent is 500 yuan per month. Is this suitable to your budget? If not, please let me know ASAP so I can make further arrangement for you. Looking forward to meeting you. Kind regards,
句子使用原则:多用简单句,少用复合句;多用短句,少用长句; 句子使用原则:多用简单句,少用复合句;多用短句,少用长句;讲究简明扼 要,摒弃繁琐复杂,意思混浊不清。这一阶段是得分高低的关键所在! 摒弃繁琐复杂,意思混浊不清。这一阶段是得分高低的关键所在! 突破写作词汇 我很吃惊! 我很吃惊! I am afraid! I am surprised!
I am astonished! 自行车对人们很重要。 自行车对人们很重要。 Bikes are important to people. Bicycles are of great importance to human life. Bicycles play an important role in human life as a traffic means. 准确传神的高级词汇: 准确传神的高级词汇:
  1. 准确性 这种书包物美价廉。 这种书包物美价廉。 This bag is good and cheap. This type of schoolbag is inexpensive and of good quality.
look at; see; watch; observe; stare at; glare at; glance at; get a glimpse of; peep Mankindhumanity, people, human beings Man’s achievementhuman achievements ’ Common manaverage person, ordinary people Businessmanbusiness executive Firemanfirefighter

  2. 鲜明度、生动感 鲜明度、 我们应该为环境做一些力所能及的事情。 我们应该为环境做一些力所能及的事情。 Perform, accomplishdo something for Concludeend/finish a letter with Repeat the question (again), return (back) from abroad He is well-built, with large shoulders. The living level of the people in China has been greatly raised.

  3.多样化 多样化 他曾住在一个小城镇,他永远也忘不了自己在那度过的快乐童年。 他曾住在一个小城镇,他永远也忘不了自己在那度过的快乐童年。 He lived in a small town, and he can never forget the little town where he spent
his happy childhood. An increase in demand causes higher prices. results in/leads to/produces/contributes to The society still makes women unable to enjoy equal rights.
Women are still denied equal rights. The incident makes me recall one of my past experiences. The incident reminded me of one of my past experiences. More and more students find learning English has become more and more difficult. Students in growing number find learning English has become increasingly difficult. More and more teenagers smoke cigarettes in recent years. Teenagers smoking is on the rise in recent years. Most students take a part-time job after class. The vast majority of students take a part-time job after class. Most high school students take a negative attitude towards smoking. The large percentage of high school students take a negative attitude towards smoking.

  1.改变句子的开头方式,不要一味地都是主语开头,接着是谓语、宾语,最后再 改变句子的开头方式,不要一味地都是主语开头,接着是谓语、宾语, 改变句子的开头方式 加一个状语。可以把状语置于句首,或用分词, adj 等做状语等 加一个状语。 可以把状语置于句首, 或用分词 [原文
  1]We met at the school gate and went there together early in the ] morning. Early in the morning we met at the school gate and went there together. [修正] 修正]
  2]The young man couldn’t help crying when he heard the bad news. ] [修正]Hearing the bad news, the young man couldn’t help crying. 修正] ,
  3]Please give me an e-mail when he arrives. ]
[修正]On his arriving/arrival, please give me an e-mail. 修正]

  2.在整篇文章中, 在整篇文章中, 要灵活运用诸如强调句、 主从复合句、 在整篇文章中 避免只使用一两个句式, 避免只使用一两个句式, 要灵活运用诸如强调句、 主从复合句、 分词状语、倒装句、虚拟语气等。 分词状语、倒装句、虚拟语气等。
①强调句 [原文]My parents praised my pet warmly. It had saved my little sister bravely. 原文] [修正]My parents praised Ah Fu warmly. It was our brave my pet who had 修正] saved my little sister bravely.
[原文]He didn’t know what happened until he had read the news in the 原文] newspaper. [修正]It was not until he had read the news in the newspaper that he knew 修正] what had happened. 等引导的名词性从句,相当于中文的“所 ②由 what 等引导的名词性从句,相当于中文的 所……”,有很大的概括力,如: ,有很大的概括力, [原文]We had to stand there to catch the offender. 原文] [修正]What we had to do was standing there, trying to catch the offender. 修正] [原文]To my surprise, many high school students smoke cigarettes. 原文] [修正]What surprises me is that many…… 修正] That many high school students smoke cigarettes surprises me. It surprises me that many …… 经典例句: 经典例句: China is no longer what it used to be. 引导的短语。 ③由 with 或 without 引导的短语。 [原文]She came to China in order to study Chinese. 原文] [修正]She came to China with the purpose of/for learning Chinese. 修正] He sat in a chair with a newspaper in the hand.
④分词短语。 分词短语。
[原文]They sang and laughed as they went back to school. 原文] [修正] Singing and laughing, they went back to school. 修正] [原文]She walked out of the lab and many students followed her. 原文] [修正]Followed by many students, she walked out of the lab. 修正] ⑤倒装句。 倒装句。 [原文]He didn’t know what happened until he had read the news in the 原文] newspaper. [修正] was not he had read the news in the newspaper that he knew what had 修正] It happened. Not until he had read the news in the newspaper did he know what had happened. [原文]Though I am weak, I will try my utmost to complete the task. 原文] [修正]Weak as I am, I will try my utmost to complete the task. 修正] [原文]I had no sooner turned on the television than my parents came back. 原文] [修正]No sooner had I turned on the television than my parents came back. 修正]
Only in this way can we achieve our goal. Never before have I seen such a wonderful film. ⑥虚拟语气。 虚拟语气。 [原文]I passed the physics exam because of your help. 原文] [修正]I could not have passed the physics exam but for your help. 修正] If you had not helped me, I could have not passed the physics exam.
⑦语态转换。 语态转换。 [原文]Today, we use machines not only in industry but in other sectors of 原文] national economy as well. [修正] 修正] Today machines are widely used not only in industry but in other sectors of national economy as well.
[ 原文]There are more and more people who realize the close connection 原文] between energy and population. [修正]The close connection between energy and population is increasingly 修正] recognized. 补充:通过分句和合句,增强句子的连贯性和表现力。 补充:通过分句和合句,增强句子的连贯性和表现力。 [原文
  1]He stopped us half an hour ago. He made us catch the next offender. ] [修正]He stopped us half an hour ago and made us catch the next offender. 修正]
  2]We had a short rest. Then we began to play happily. We sang and ] danced. Some told stories. Some played chess. After a short rest, we had great fun, singing and dancing, telling jokes [修正] 修正] , , , and playing chess.
  4.Xi’an is my hometown, it lies in the north of Qinling. It is the capital of Shanxi. It has an area of 860 k ? and a population of 700 0
  00. It is a beautiful city. It is known as the home of Terra Cotta Worries. [修正]Xi’an,my hometown, lying in the north of Qinling, is the capital of 修正] , Shanxi. It covers an area of 860 k ? and a population of 700 0
  00. It is a beautiful city and known as the home of Terra Cotta Worries.

  5.Yesterday, there was a policeman in the street. He stopped a car. The car was at the corner. It looked like a BMW. There was a boy on the sidewalk. He was riding his bicycle. The bicycle was a two-wheeler. The car nearly knocked the boy. [修正] Yesterday, a policeman stopped a carBMW at the corner of the 修正] street, because it nearly knocked a boy who was riding a two-wheel bicycle on the sidewalk.
  6.On weekday afternoons we have an hour for afterclass activities from 4:20 to 5:
  20. The activities are divided into three parts. One is sports. Sports include ball games, track and field, gym and so on. The second is recreation. It includes singing, dancing and acting. The third is science and technology. It consists of
science reading, computer operating and experiments.
[修正] On weekday afternoons, we have an hour for afterclass activities from 修正] 4:20 to 5:
  20. The activities are divided into three parts. One is sports which include ball games, track and field, gym and so on. Recreation is another part, with singing, dancing and acting included. The third is science and technology which consists of science reading, computer operating and experiments.
综合练习 作文跟踪训练: (
  1) 联合国教科文组织某考察团正在我省西部某乡村参观考察。假定你是接待人员, 请根据下列提示以发言稿的形式简要介绍这个村的情况:
  1. 大小:近 100 户人家,约 500 口人;
  2. 变化:过去很穷,1978 年后变化很大。人们生活比以前好多了。现已旧 貌换新颜;
  3. 教育



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