03 练耳训练-老托福真题

练耳&听力听什么? 练耳 听力听什么? 听力听什么
什么是关键词? 什么是关键词?
有实际意义的词??实词 实词 有实际意义的词 名词、动词、形容词、副词 语言标志词
举例/列举 for example, like, the following is, for
instance, first/second
解释说明 i.e., which means, X is actually… 对比 compare to, by comparison, similar to, on
the contrary, unlike, on the other hand
转折 however, but, as a matter of fact,
by the way

(A) He is not sure where the student-service office is. (B) He recently got a new student ID card. (C) He is too busy to go to the studentservices office now. (D) He plans to get his new student ID card on Monday.
Q: What can be inferred about the man?
W: I need to get a new student ID card, I seem to have lost my old one, and I need one right away. M: Really? Me too. We’re gonna have to head over to the student service offices, and, oh, wait a minute ,by now they are closed, won’t be open again till Monday morning. So, how about if you meet me there then ,just before our biology class?

(A) She does not know where the student center is. (B) She does not need a flu shot this year. (C) Flu shots will not be free this year. (D) She would like to get a free flu shot next week.
Q: What does the woman imply?
M: I hear they are giving free flu shots down the students health center sometime next week. W: Really, when you find out exactly when it is, let me know. I got one last year, and it was the first winter I can remember when I didn’t get the flu.

(A) Become a photography instructor (B) Return to her old photography class (C) Try a class at the new studio (D) Look for a less expensive class
Q: What does the man imply the woman should do?
W: I heard you are taking a photography class at the new studio. What is it like? M: Nothing like our old class, and you like the instructor too. You know what, they are offering a free trial class.

(A) He read an article about Professor Monroe's research. (B) He does not know Professor Monroe (C) Professor Monroe probably will talk to the woman. (D) Professor Monroe does not like giving interviews.
Q: What does the man mean?
W: Do you think that Professor Monroe would let me interview her? I am writing an article for the newspaper on campus research projects. M: Why not? I mean,she loves discussing a research.
升调? 降调? 反映何种语气? Yes? Yes! Really? Really! Right? Right! 升调表示疑问、怀疑、反对 降调表示肯定、命令、赞同

(A) He wanted to be an artist. (B) He is not qualified to judge the painting. (C) The painting is not finished yet. (D) He will find a fine arts major for the woman.
Q: What are the man mean?
W: Hi, John, do you think there is too much red in this painting. I feel the colors are quite balanced? M: Why are you asking me? I am not a fine art major.

(A) He will be studying tomorrow. (B) He will see the game at night. (C) He does riot like baseball. (D) He has a ticket for the game.
Q: What does the man imply?
W: Do you wanna see the baseball game tomorrow? Joe has an extra ticket. M: You must be kidding. One week before the finals when every body is studying day and night?

(A) She is not sure if she can attend the meeting. (B) She will be out of town until Friday. (C) She has been planning to go to the meeting. (D) She cannot change her schedule for Friday.
Q: What dose the woman mean?
M: Can you come to that meeting on Friday morning? W: This Friday? I’ll have to see if I can rearrange my schedule.

(A) She lost the man's calculator. (B) She will lend the man her calculator. (C) The calculator may be under the man's book. (D) The man will not have time to find the calculator.
Q: What does the woman imply?
M: Have you seen my calculator, it was right here a minute ago. W: Did you look under your book? I am always losing things that way.

(A) He will help the woman move. (B) The woman needs to accept her current situation. (C) The woman can move in the middle of the semester. (D) The woman is already living in the best dorm.
Q: What dose the man mean?
W: I just got off the phone with the housing office, I wanted to move to a different dorm, but they won’t let me move in the middle of the semester M: well, I guess you’ll just have to make the best of it.

(A) She will help me man look for the book. (B) She knows where the man's book is. (C) She will return the book to the man later. (D) She saw someone walk away with the man's book.
Q: What does the woman imply?
M: Excuse me, you didn’t happen to see a thick history book here with a blue cover? I hope nobody’s taken it. W: Oh, that was your book? I took it down to the lost and found before someone walked off with it.


03 练耳训练-老托福真题

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